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Garage Door Servicing

Increase the life of your Garage Door

Coastal Garage Doors are your experts in getting that old squeaky garage door rolling smoothly and giving you peace of mind that it’s not going to fail!  Servicing your Garage Door professionally is essential to ensuring the garage door lasts a long time, works efficiently and more importantly, safely.

Garage door servicing

Garage Door Service and Repair

Safety First for You and Your Family

Garage Door Servicing is more important than you think. Frayed cables, incorrectly tensioned torsional springs or an incorrectly mounted Opener all could cause your garage door to unexpectedly fall to the floor, causing significant damage to the door itself or anything underneath.

It is vital that your garage door is serviced at regular intervals to ensure its safe operation.

Automatic Garage Door Service

Your Local Garage Door Servicing Expert

Call Lou at Coastal Garage Doors and he will conduct a full survey of your garage door.  Components or damaged parts can be replaced as necessary. He will lubricate essential moving parts and ensure safe operation.  Don’t delay. Arrange an appointment to have your garage doors serviced today!

Service your garage door